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Q: What is your current role and how long have you been with us?

A: I am currently working on the Yorkshire water contract as an Apprentice. I am currently a second man operative on the trailer teams. I have been with Morrison Utility Services since November 2018, where I have been working between college and on-site training.

Q: What attracted you to this role and industry?

A: The main reason for attracting me to this role was the relationship Morrison Utility Services had with the Military Covenant and former military people and veterans. This steered me to working for Morrison Utility Services.

Q: Give a brief history of your military life.

A: I joined the Army at 16 and left at 40, I completed 23 and a half years’ service. Within this period and served twice in Bosnia, Cyprus (United Nations), Afghanistan and served once in Northern Ireland and Iraq. I also did 2 and a half years as an instructor at the AFC Harrogate and 2 years as an instructor at the Yorkshire Officer training Regiment in Leeds. I started as a Gunner (private) and left as a Staff Sergeant. I have completed overseas exercise around the world including Kenya, Canada, Italy and Belgium. Throughout this period, I served with the Royal Horse Artillery in the South of England. My last role in the Regiment was in the Training department, where I organised training for up to 300 people so they were up-to-date in whatever role they were employed in.

Q: What skills have you been able to transfer from the Services to “Civvy Street”?

A: I have been able to transfer my communication skills and the ability to plan effectively. Also, I have certain management and leadership qualities, which included people management as well as the ability to explain and execute a plan or job to a high standard. I think a really important skill is Time Management and dealing with the pressure it brings and to organise yourself accordingly for the job in hand.

Q: What would you tell people who want to work in this industry?

A: You need to be able to work outside in the all types off weather all year round and a willingness to learn, plus apply yourself to the job in hand. If you do, you will do well at Morrison Utility Services. With the Apprenticeship, you get the opportunity for excellent training and the qualifications needed to work for the water sector.

Q: Can you see a job for life and career progression at Morrison Utility Services?

A: Yes, I see myself at Morrison Utility Services for the foreseeable future. I have aspirations to progress and do well at Morrison Utility Services and to add value by using my skills and knowledge I have learnt in the military.


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